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Boost Book Covers was started by Tamara, a marketer, who is passionate about great book cover design.

Tamara is a part time book reviewer and during this process she came to realised what a difference a good book cover makes to a first impression of a novel. No matter how excellent the book, if the cover is bad, the reader is far less likely to pick up the novel and try it.

An avid reader, writer, photographer and designer, Tamara spends her spare time helping authors to market their work and after designing several covers for author friends she decided to take her designs to a global market to offer authors and publishers better cover design options. And so, Boost Book Covers was born.

Boost Book Cover Design

Boost Book Covers makes it easy for authors to present a professional book to the market without the time or expense of hiring a graphic designer especially for your project.

Our designs are catered to ebook authors and publishers who want the professional look that comes from good book cover graphic design.

You can see our full range of pre-made covers here or you can select a specific genre to preview.

With our products you no longer have to worry about getting the best book cover design tips or reading endless articles on book cover design ideas, just pick a product that works for your story and buy. When your purchase goes through you send us the title of your novel and your author name. We amend the file to the correct title and send you your cover.

It is that simple.

We only sell each cover once. However, we use stock photographs and while we do everything in our power to make the covers look unique, we even do photograph changes sometimes, we can’t guarantee that someone else won’t use the same cover image.

However, no one will have the exact same cover as you because we will never resell a design. Once you buy it, it is yours.

The covers that you see on this website are watermarked with a block that says Boost Book Covers. That is not on the final product, so you do not have to worry about it ruining your beautiful cover design.

Our focus is on creating beautiful ebook covers for authors and publishers without the high book design cost that comes from custom made book covers.

Whether you are looking for a cover to inspire your novel during NaNoWriMo or if you want something that will stand out in stores, we have a solution for you.

Tips for finding the right cover for you

When looking through our store, the latest covers appear in front with the slightly older ones behind. The category General Fiction contains all of the covers and the individual categories contain only the covers that we feel fit into those sections. In many instances, though, a cover could work across a couple of different sections for example, Mystery and Thriller have similarities in some instances.

Our sections include

Chicklit – These are focused primarily on women and are generally lighter and brighter than a category such as Drama.

Drama – The story of tragedy, lives lived and tales told.

Erotica – In a word, sexy.

Gay Male – Sexy men dominate these covers.

General Fiction – All our covers.

Horror – Scary, creepy and downright frightful.

Lesbian – Beautiful, sexy and cute women take over on these covers.

Mystery – Mysteries come in a wide range and we cater for them all.

Romance – From love that is hot and passionate to cute and romantic, we have an option for you.

Thriller – We cater for thrillers that are scary, creepy and violent all the way to those that are dark and brooding.

Young Adult – Covers that represent young people and work for the YA market.

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