9 Book Cover Design Tips
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9 Book Cover Design Tips

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We have put together some awesome book cover design tips, just for you. We know that as an author you may feel like all the work goes into your novel, leaving little time for the final touches like book cover design. This is something that is often left to the publisher and sometimes even friends and loved ones who fancy themselves designers.

The problem with this philosophy is that while those may be low cost or even free book cover design options, it can cost you book sales.

Humans are visual beings and we are attracted to well designed novels. It is just that simple.

To help you we have put together some book cover design tips that could help you:

1 The Feel

What kind of book are you writing? A funny book should look really different to a scary book.

2 Title Size

Is the title on your cover big enough to read easily? It is the most important part of your cover and the font is difficult to read or if it is too small then people may just pass by your novel.

3 Think About The Thumbnail

With digital books growing much faster than print books, it is important that you think about your cover as a thumbnail. If it isn’t easy to see what the cover looks like and what the title is then you have a problem.

4 The Three Font Rule

Stick to two or three fonts only on your cover. A book cover just doesn’t have the space for more fonts and it can make a book look really poorly designed to have more.

5 Keep Images Professional

When choosing images for your books don’t use your own pictures and don’t use those created by your kids, friends or relatives. They may be beautiful to you but the chances are that they won’t seem professional to others.

6 Banish Boxes

Having text inside boxes or pictures framed in a box will make your cover look cluttered. This sort of design cuts the flow of the cover and looks unprofessional more often than not.

7 Stay Bold

Keep colours solid and run away from colour gradients, especially rainbows. It usually looks cheap and makes it difficult for people to take your book seriously.

New designers love using gradients. Don’t let them.

8 The Three Colour Rule

Keep the cover simple. Finding a good photo can be 90% of the design work. Thereafter, don’t mess it up by using too many colours on the cover. Keep it to three at the most.

9 Get Professional Help

I am not talking about a psychiatrist here, more like a professional designer. A professional designer has the right book cover design software, the right training and their book cover design ideas will probably be better than yours. They are impartial and are therefore not emotionally attached to bad artwork or strange designs.

It may be true that your book cover design cost will go up if you use a professional, but it is also true that you are more likely to sell novels if you have a professional cover.


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