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The Book Cover That Sells

Posted On June 19, 2016 at 6:21 pm by / 7 Comments

I have read some interesting studies that ask the question is there really a difference between the book cover that sells and one that does not?

The simple answer is yes. Studies done on covers showed that good-looking covers create higher conversion rates. This means that people are more likely to try your book if it looks professional.

There are several things you need to think about, though, before you create a book cover for your novel.

Book Cover Genres

The genre of your story makes a big impact on the cover design. Readers have come to expect a certain visual image. A thriller, for example, should look nothing like a romance or a light fiction novel. Thrillers are darker, horrors are scarier looking, chick-lit is light and often has drawings rather than photos of people.


Take a look at covers in your genre and see what type of colours, fonts and imagery publishers are already using. Make sure to mimic that style or else you may confuse your readers.

Book Cover Size

Increasingly people are buying digital books. This means that the cover is often just a thumbnail image. You will be using the book cover on social media and doing promotions with it. Generally both of these use small images as well.

So when you are looking at your book cover make sure to look at it as a small image to see if it is still attractive and draws attention.

DIY Book Cover

Whether you are using a book cover maker or a book cover template makes little difference if you are not a graphic artist. This is one area that you cannot skimp on. A good book cover will make you look more professional.

It is like having a great sign for your business. It makes patrons feel like they can trust you and they are more likely to give your book a try.

Cover Images

The images used on the cover of a novel must be in line with the genre and the story. If the main character is a brunette then you really should not have a blond on the cover.

Use professional images and use them properly. An image that is amateur makes your cover look cheap even if the rest of the design is good. A good graphic artist can often take an image and make it look a lot better, however the best bet is to use a professional image in the first place.

You also need to consider image copyrights to make sure you are not infringing on someone else’s copyright because even photos from free websites can be copyrighted so that you may not use them on products that are being sold.

Cover Fonts

The text on the cover should be clear and easy to read. The font you use also tells a story and can add or detract from the visual appeal of the cover.

The wrong font can also send the wrong signals to the reader as to the type of book it is. Making a user confused is the easiest way to make them click away from your book and buy someone else’s.

Make Life Easy

The easiest way to get a great book cover is to either use a proper book cover designer who is familiar with selling books online or use a trusted service of pre-made book covers. They are often cheaper and look as professional as publishing houses.


7 thoughts on “The Book Cover That Sells

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