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Self publishing on Amazon

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Self publishing on Amazon is a must for any authors looking to self publish their own books. While Amazon is not the only way to self publish it is certainly the easiest way to do it.

What do you need to successfully publishing in Amazon?

A book

An original book that you own the rights to. It probably goes without saying but you can only publish books that you have full rights to. That means something that you have written yourself, a work that you have commissioned from a ghost writer or a work that the author has released its rights to you.

An editor

Quality is key in publishing, particularly in self publishing when you can’t rely on the reputation of a publishing house to sell your book.

Regardless of how many friends or family members have read your book, get an experienced editor to look through your book in terms of: spelling, grammar, continuity errors and ensuring the plot works.

A cover

Think of Amazon (or any other online sales platform) as a brick and mortar bookstore. When customers come in the peruse the shelves (pages) looking for a book that catches their eye. How does this happen?

It’s the cover that gets their attention first and that makes them stop and pick up (or click) the book to read the blurb or look inside.

That means that book sales are linked to cover design, the better and more eye catching the design the more customers will take note.

As a self publishing author it’s tempting to cut costs by designing the cover yourself, however unless you are an experienced graphic designer it is best to get a professional to help you out. While custom covers can be expensive, buying a premade cover from a site like Boost Book Covers is a great compromise, you save money while getting a quality, professional cover for your book.


A well formatted book will keep readerS reading and boost the quality of your book. Formatting books for Amazon can be done in a variety of ways including HTML, Scrivener and Microsoft Word. Remember to always test and check your formatting on a Kindle or e-reader simulator to make sure that it looks the way you want it to.


The last piece of the Amazon book sales puzzle is marketing. While Amazon does a good job of getting your book out into the world, the platform is filled with thousands of books, with new ones being added everyday. Because of this you need to actively market your book through soliciting reviews, email newsletters, social media and GoodReads.


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